Had enough “more of the same” news and other “stuff” about Church and religion?

Stop and have a peek into my kaleidoscope of real people, scenes, sounds, color from vibrant life around Asia:

its people – one person, families, villages, societies, sectors, groups, bands, gangs, connecting with the rest of the world

* our hopes, dreams, way of thinking, living and surviving

* what’s important to us, what makes us laugh, cry, work, sing, live, grow or die

* our faith, relationships, art, dance, music, food

“Tuloy po kayo” (Welcome, come right in)

Let’s rap about facts, opinions, images, sounds of what it’s like growing up and living as a Catholic in Asia [as I experience it]

N.J. Viehland, journalist

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the article are those of the interview subject’s and in the comments section are those of the readers. Views expressed in both sections do not necessarily reflect the position of this blog owner.  Catholic in Asia does not knowingly publish false information and may not be held liable for the views of subjects and readers exercising their right to free expression.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello, my name is Marvin Max and I am a recently baptized Roman Catholic from Leiden, the Netherlands.
    Since I have been taken up into the Church I have developed a deep appreciation for the sacraments and especially holy communion.
    As a way to share the grace received from our Lord, I am starting a catholic internet radio show.
    The Source and Summit podcast is an open podium for catholics to speak about their love for the Church.
    In this podcast you can not only listen to presentations from fellow catholics, you can also submit an item yourself.
    We invite catholics from all walks of life and from all over the world to contribute to the show.
    The Church, in its unity, is incredibly diverse. Let us celebrate that! Bring your own unique piece to this audio mosaic.
    Would you be willing to speak about the Catholic Church in Asia, on the podcast?
    It would be a big honour for us.
    You are welcome at http://www.sourceandsummit.cc for more information and to record your contribution.

    Thank you, Marvin Max.


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