Vatican’s new ‘media czar’ no stranger to Asians

Lord Chris Patten, Britain’s last Governor of Hong Kong before the European state handed over its colony to the Chinese in 1997, has been appointed to head the mixed committee of Vatican staff and international experts created to propose reforms over the year in Vatican’s media operations.

Edward Pentin in his blog for National Catholic Register called Patten the Vatican’s new “media czar.”

He cited Patten’s as “one of the most interesting appointments” in Australian Cardinal George Pell’s July 9 announcement of developments in Pope Francis’ efforts to reform the Roman Curia. The pope has appointed the Australian cardinal prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, which is auditing and supervising offices of the Roman Curia, the Vatican City State and institutions connected to the Holy See. 

Hong Kong is both part of China and outside of it as defined in the 1984 Joint Declaration, the treaty under which Britain handed over its former colony. Seventeen years after the hand over, the struggle for power and control continues between the Special Administrative Region and the Beijing government.



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