Ordered to die for love: Pregnant woman

Our Lady of Vietnam on wood. By NJ Viehland

Our Lady of Vietnam on wood. By NJ Viehland

Amnesty International UK  is calling people to sign a petition to stop the execution of a pregnant woman in Sudan for marrying a Christian man and abandoning her religious faith.

As of this publication, the website for the petition had recorded 91,802 actions to seek the Sudanese government’s release of 27 year-old Meriam Ibrahim, who was thrown in prison and is now eight months pregnant.

Amnesty International aims to generate 100,000 actions.

A Sudanese court has convicted Ibrahim of apostasy and sentenced her to hang for her “crime” of leaving Islam and marrying a Christian man. Abandoning one’s religious faith is punishable with death, wrote Jane Wharto of express.co.uk

Read Wharto’s full report Ordered to DIE for love: Pregnant Muslim woman sentenced to hang for wedding Christian man

Ibrahim’s father is a Muslim. She said her Christian mother raised her and that she is a Christian. Under Islamic Shariah law, however, a child takes the religion from the  father, that is why the court ruled her actions a crime.

Her husband Daniel Wani is appealing the ruling. Wani assumed US citizenship in 2005 after he fled his war-torn African country with his brother in 1998 and set up home in NEw Hampshire. He went to Sudan almost a year ago to arrange for his wife and child to join him in the USA.



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