Why is Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 still missing? – opinion

Aerial search for wreckage from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in the Australian search zone was called off  April 27 while authorities continue to move to an intensified undersea search in the southern Indian Ocean after a technology company reported its sensor technology has found a plane in the Bay of Bengal, south of Bangladesh.

The plane was carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it vanished on March 8.

Kevin Ashton in his commentary on the struggle to track down the plane compared the operation of more than 50 days to finding a flash drive in the sea. 

This is so, he says, because “while technology for communicating from the ground has advanced rapidly in the last 40 years, technology for communicating from the sky has been stuck in the 1970s.”

To read his full commentary, click on The New York Times, Opinion Pages, April 28, 2014

Retired news editor Hector Welgampola, in Lenten Reflection – Malaysian Flight Disaster, had questioned the inability of authorities to detect the aircraft. “In an age when science is so advanced as to help humans reach outer space and traverse planets, there is no excuse for being ill-equipped to map and master movements in our own airspace and oceans,” Welgampola wrote.

Read Welgampola’s full Lenten Reflection by clicking on Catholic In Asia, April 2, 2014



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