Pope Francis ‘ Interview for Jesuit Publications, full text, America Magazine, ripples

(update 3 MANILA Sept. 22, 2013,  11:15 a.m.)

Full text

Pope Francis’ interview with Fr. Antonio Spadaro, S.J. for Jesuit publications apparently generated stories from various sectors of the Catholic Church. Individuals and groups within and not officially part of the Church have also commented directly in response to the pope’s remarks in the interview. The full text of the interview published in America Magazine under the title “A Big Heart Open to God” can be viewed  here


Reasserting Church Teaching

* The day after publication of his much celebrated exclusive “interview with a Jesuit priest for Jesuit publications”  speaking about a Church that welcomes all, pro-life lifesitenews.com news service reported that Pope Francis addressing doctors “condemns abortion in the strongest pro-life comments to date…” 

Even so, Pope Francis’ later address to Catholic gynecologists appears to be consistent with his stand in his interview. My reading of the interview does not tell me that Pope Francis supports or even tolerates the acts of abortion or homosexual activity. The pope was saying that the Church’s approach to people in these situations should be more merciful. How do you understand what he said?

* Filipino religious brother‘s Facebook Private Message to me: “Very human… our approach to spirituality and ministry should be.”

So, will the Catholic Church survive Pope Francis’ reform movement?

* David Lawrence Gray, an atheist-turned-Protestant-turned Catholic, who is doing masters in theology wrote: “This is not a theological reformation. Pope Francis believes all that the Church teaches. To the contrary, what Francis wants to reform and reformulate is the praxis of our faith in how we weigh, measure, and dispense the preaching of the word, the performance of the Sacraments, and the exercise of charity.”