Calcutta is everywhere in the world – Mother Teresa

By: N.J. Viehland

In a recent interview with Indian priest Father Ivan Vas of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) who is in Manila studying at UST, he offered Mother Teresa of Calcutta as a model of Christian discipleship.

Radical discipleship “calls us to leave everything and follow the way Jesus lived as a young man,” which is not happening today among Religious men and women in his country, Father Vas said.

“When people go to church, they want to see how the priest and religious [have] followed the Master, and they are waiting to hear or experience those testimonies,” Father Vas said citing the example of Mother Teresa.

He explained, “She saw people without health care, without food, and she just started the work. Seeing this, people come for help, and also to help,” adding, “No wonder that the Missionaries of Charity do not encounter problems with vocations and volunteers.”

This documentary on Mother Teresa shows me “Calcutta is everywhere in the world”, how she responded and why, and what drove Father Vas to say what he did about her.

Missionaries of Charity at Arzobispado de Manila for Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle’s birthday 2012. / N.J. Viehland Photo