Pizza Party at Philippines Embassy for Goldman winning priest

Here are excerpts from the update from Goldman prize winner Fr Edwin Gariguez

Today April 20, 2012 (US Time), I was interviewed in the Voice of America – both for video and radio recording.

In the afternoon, I went to the Philippine Embassy to honor their invitation, and I met with Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. After my audience with him, we had a pizza party with the rest of the Embassy staff.

The Ambassador handed me the congratulatory letter, signed by the Ambassador himself. The last paragraph of it reads:

“I am sure that winning awards were the last thing on your mind when you began your campaign against destructive mining in Mindoro and yet, your work is now being acknowledged internationally. This recognition will serve your campaign well and will bring greater awareness to the plight of the people of Mindoro and to the battle against destructive mining.

More than this, however, I believe that your story will give courage to others – to communities and to individuals alike – to face with courage, the many challenges that come upon them daily.”

With this, the Goldman award activities will come to a close. I, with my brother, will now go to New Jersey for some personal visits. Then I will proceed to attend to NASSA concerns – I will visit CRS office in Baltimore and will also proceed to Minnesota for the “Feed the Children” program

source emailed update from Fr. Gariguez.


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